A young lass Andrei Urgant told about the conflict with Ivan

60-year-old famous actor Andrey Urgant with his fourth civil wife, 31-year-old Elena Romanova, is in a relationship for several years, but their romance and to this day very actively discussed in the Internet.

This summer, the press published the news that the couple broke up. However, Andrew has personally denied rumors about the separation from the beloved. Elena also often accused that it was because of her conflicts Andrey Urgant with his son Ivan.

Romanov said in an interview that many media make her a villain, where in the family Urgant is constantly there are scandals. And very often blame the conflict between Ivan and Andrei. According to Elena, nothing like that in their family there, and she even has no idea how the press only takes the information. Elena says that recently her husband was at a performance of Ivan, and everything went very well.

Andrey Urgant, we will remind, about his personal life does not like to propagate, so very carefully avoids the issues of which concern his relations with a young wife.