A sex scandal involving Harvey Weinstein for the first time commented on Meryl Streep – 24???

American actress Meryl Streep was in the midst of a scandal involving producer Harvey Weinstein. In an interview with The New York Times Meryl has commented on the sensational case.

As you know, the American public has actively criticized Meryl Streep for what she knew about the behavior of Weinstein, but continued to cooperate with him. On the streets of Los Angeles even set up posters with portraits of Streep and Weinstein.

Meryl Streep | The Second City

Meryl herself has tried to explain to the American media situation. According to Hollywood celebrity, we had a good think about it, so she did not immediately respond to the first public allegations against Weinstein.

“I thought Harvey was a girlfriend, but did not know about his behaviour. When I’ve heard the rumors about the actress seemed to me that somebody wants to denigrate them. I didn’t know that Harvey is so abused people,” said Meryl Streep.