A retrograde planet in 2018

Retrograde planets — is a common phenomenon in astronomy. In astrological terms, retrogradation has its own peculiarities, which is worth knowing in advance.

In 2018, the situation of retrograde planets will be quite clear. The fact that there are times when retrograde motion of the planets was difficult to analyze. This could include leap years, when everything is so chaotic that the long-term astrological predictions are often wrong. It is not the fault of the astrologers, and the Universe itself, which constantly changes the nature of its consequences. This time we were lucky.

Meaning retrograde planets

Backward movement is only a visual illusion, because the planet can’t really move back. It seems to us that the planet is unfolding. In fact, she continues to move forward.

However, the ancient astrologers discovered that any planet that visually moves back, has special properties. Basically, this property changes its influence on the opposite. Of course, there is not all and not always. In short, the guesses of the astrologers of antiquity were true, but only partly.

Mercury retrograde in 2018

Here are the main periods of the retrograde of this planet: March 23 — April 14; July 26 — August 18.

The most obvious way mercury in a state of retrograde affects people who are constantly in motion, or, conversely, too much rest. In short, mercury retrograde is very dangerous for everyone who loves excesses. For example, if you buy all the most expensive and love to spend money, in periods of mercury retrograde you can trap the loss of large amounts. If you are too cautious and can’t decide on something, then mercury will punish you. There is the probability of occurrence of a series of problems and failures.

Love these periods is dangerous because warm emotions may very rapidly turn into a swearing, negativity, strife, conflict. Many breakups happen due to the impulsivity of people in times of mercury retrograde. Your enemies will also be very active, because this planet can provoke people to revenge, the desire to do something wrong for no particular reason.

Retrograde Venus in 2018

In the period from October 5 to November 15, Venus will move back through the night sky. This means that people have to stop believing my gut. Contrary to common sense, you will feel that you are right in everything, but it is not true. Venus in retrograde condition is always puts a spoke in the wheel people arrogant and too cocky.

Often these days the bad emotions and feelings lead people to happiness and the attainment of positive, and positive, on the contrary, leads to disappointment. Venus makes everything change, but that people learn at the last moment before you see your failure. However, there is a way to avoid it is to not be careful in everything. Venus can’t ruin what you have done efficiently and carefully.

Retrograde Mars in 2018

Mars will move in the opposite direction in the period from 27 June to 26 August. Try to remember this period of time, because he can turn everything on its head. This planet helps people to deal with fears in a period of retrograde, so in the summer of 2018 will be easy to go beyond your comfort zone.

Take will people bold and assertive, but not stupid. Be wiser. If you do not have a lot of experience in something, don’t be afraid to ask advice from people more advanced and experienced.

It will be a period of financial breakthroughs and discoveries. It will be much easier to reach a new level over and over again. New acquaintances will not be superfluous. Meet with those who will be able to learn something, to share experiences. Do not open your secrets to anyone because it’ll work against you.

Retrograde Jupiter in 2018

From March 9 to July 9, Jupiter will move in the opposite direction. In this long period of time will be harder to make crucial decisions. Jupiter in this state a very bad influence on people’s thinking and objective perception of the world. People want to be alone, away from it all. This is a good period for creative individuals, but not for those who earn labor. This is particularly bad period for athletes because to force yourself to do will be incredibly difficult.

All this means that you need to look for more motivation. Ambition is best muted. Real-world view will help you to stop hoping for something supernatural. This time reality, while awareness of their weaknesses and shortcomings. If you’re so hard on yourself, you will be able to reap maximum benefits from retrograde Jupiter.

Possible health problems, the beginning of the black stripe in the relationship. Do not dramatize and do not look for a sores — everything will be all right exactly as long as your thoughts are calm and orderly manner. Use affirmations to destroy negative program still in its infancy.

Retrograde Saturn in 2018

Saturn will be retrograde from April 18 to September 5. In these 6 months people need to unite to work together. Saturn will try to share all, to force alone to solve problems. Don’t be afraid to offer help to others, in the future it worked for you.

This time should be spent with family, not to go on any long trip, not to turn away from those who are willing to do anything for you. Chase around the only the highest goals and don’t try to cash in on someone else’s grief.

Remember that in these times retribution to the offenders comes naturally. The universe during periods of retrograde Saturn always returns karmic debts and demands payment for the mistakes very quickly. Each person will have to reconsider their behavior and maybe to ask forgiveness from those whom I may have offended in the past. It can be not only words. You can ask for forgiveness.

Retrograde Uranus in 2018

January 1, Uranus will be retrograde, but 2 numbers he will cease to be. This period can not take into account. August 8 will begin a new period of reverse motion of Uranus, which will last until the end of the year. This would mean that at the end of the year, particularly dynamic and imprudent individuals may experience financial problems and troubles. The second half of the year to spend in peace and more rest. In late summer, autumn and winter do not let yourself to overwork.

It will be the perfect time for a vacation. People alone will need to have time at the end of the year to find your soulmate, at least temporary, because it’s much easier to survive the turmoil.

Uranium can be your lucky talisman during the return movement. By and large its effect is strictly negative one.

Retrograde Neptune in 2018

From 19 June to 24 November , this planet will move in the opposite direction. It was during this period must be major material changes in the lives of almost everyone. To see success and feel it, you’ll need to temporarily change his professional area. Simply put, you need to change the priorities in this period and not to focus on one thing. Think about your Hobbies. All summer and autumn for people who can’t concentrate on one thing, there is a positive time.

This is a good time for new beginnings and completion of important cases. Your superiors and colleagues with the partners to see the leader in you, able to change, to transform and inspire everyone. The one who inspires people, control the situation during the period of reverse movement of Neptune.

Retrograde Pluto in 2018

April 22 — September 30. It is this period of time should be devoted to careful communication with people. Pluto knows the communication skills of people. When this planet moves back in, everything freezes. Luck temporary retreats, when you begin to rely on the help of others. This does not mean that they will not help you. This means that you start to lose grip.

Pluto is far away, but its impact is extremely important. It is necessary to consider always, especially if Pluto is moving backwards. This period is also a good time to get rid of all the excess. On the other hand, people still want to control everything want to keep it with you. Learn to let go of everything and everyone. If someone wants to suspend the development of the relations do not impose.

So, retrograde planets are almost always dangerous. Of course, this is not a reason to sound the alarm and to stop thinking about how and in what direction to develop. This is something to ponder, nothing more. Caution is needed even in the most favourable periods. Get rid of apathy is sometimes difficult, but possible. You just need this strong desire. Consider all the advice of astrologers for this year, including tips about retrograde planets.