A rating of the best wives Zodiac Sign

Learning the Zodiac Sign of your lady, you can easily understand what it will be in marriage. Hurry up to get the best companion, not yet snapped up all the perfect wives.

There are no perfect people: there are those who perfectly fits your Zodiac Sign. Romance compatibility will reveal secrets and will reduce your time looking for “the one.” Of course, every man in his own imagine the standard of femininity. However, many representatives of the zodiac circle star still was awarded the title “best wife in the Universe.” Who are these mysterious strangers? We’ll find out.

12. Wife-Mrs.

Damn alluring, fantastically clever and stunningly beautiful woman-Scorpio — the most horrible wife. Being married to a Scorpio — it means voluntarily put yourself into slavery. Of course, to serve such an elegant lady is an honor, sometimes even a status, but there is one big but: we’ll have to adjust to her violent temper and a capricious nature. I warn you once — this lady is flighty and mysterious. You can spend a lot of time and effort to the different characters. Rest assured: you will earn a condition, bald head, and a disability pension. And all because the iron principle of Scorpio is “dominate, conquer, humiliate”.

11. Wife-actress

To marry a Fish — like being in the theatre of one actor. You under no circumstances know what she’s thinking, and what motivates how they spend their leisure time. But for you it has a lot of classes. The first and most basic is to understand what honey wants, and bring it at any cost, leaving her feet with flowers. And then everything else — be a survivor, you’re my stone wall, my master, my Lord, a passionate lover, best friend, loving husband. And believe me, a woman should always to seduce, to surprise, to entertain, to encourage, to defend. If not, she’ll just say “Fi” and beautiful will go into the sunset. All because a game makes more than you, — she decorates marriage: every day in sweat.

10. Wife-the Queen

The lioness — the real Queen, and related to this important person should be appropriate. Such a woman should immediately provide the Royal apartments. And then, as usual, to be a knight and constantly to conquer for the Queen of a new land, spreading its fame throughout the earth. But all the other women overshadowed by the Lioness. She is the one and only star shining in the sky for ambitious men. The woman is a motivator, for which will have to do. If you want to enjoy her company, no choice you just do not.

The 9th place. Wife is a fighter

The woman-Sagittarius-married — military girlfriend: from her into the fire and into the water. She will stand behind you and will give you ammo. Yes, that ammo, because you will have to shoot hordes of fans who don’t even confuse her denials and words that she has long been married. And of course, the cartridges will come in handy for protection during family COP. Angry wife-Archer is worse than the evil Tatar. Our advice: it is better to give up without a fight. Then you are unlikely to save even a scream: “Honey, I understand, you’re right, only you!”.

8th place. Threat wife

Wife-Twin is akin to a mystical entity — a sort of mysterious and enigmatic person. There are women that make a man a winner, there are such girls, which even the alpha male becomes a loser, and there are female Twins. They see her husband through and through, there’s even pretending to be useless. These ladies look deep within. And there, in the depths of your soul, they feed the inner demons. The Twins themselves feel happy wives, but to admit about myself the terrible truth is not all men. Most often next to the female Twin survives only Holy. How else to explain this kind of courage?

7th place. The wife’s rival

We all know that being a RAM is like dancing on a volcano. This is a strong woman, and all sorts of namby-pamby, please, at the end of the queue. She needs a strong man, a real fighter, a hero who will be able to withstand the Apocalypse family. The exuberant nature of such a woman — entertainment is not for Amateurs, so to speak. As soon as the lady Aries finds a good party, the fun begins: the war for survival. The fight will be equal, the fight will be the strongest, and no one ever wins. Such a pair will pump inner strength and fortitude to infinity. If you are ready to compete with a woman who never, under any circumstances, give in, go ahead.

The 6th place. Wife-kitty

Women representing the Sign of Libra — the most charming, sincere, affectionate, but it is not adapted to the life of the creature. But on the other hand, what kind of house in which there is a warm kitty? A dullness, loneliness, and emptiness. The woman-Libra all needs affection, tenderness, attention, and many men from this yourself purr like cats in March. Here are just a graceful cat need to always keep on hand — if not, she’ll leave you. And no need to ask what had happened, because, “Oh, everything!”.

5th place. The wise wife

The virgin wise woman. Very wise. So damn wise. Sometimes it’s even scary. She don’t need to explain, she already knows everything in advance. A woman will forgive anything, because even that she has already provided, so in the end we are all people. Virgin will always support, will embrace, will help wise advice, will show the way. And she’s a lovely woman and a wise judge, and best friend in one person. Therefore, men who chose the virgin as a spouse, friends do not need, what they want to regret, because Virgins often attacks the crap. And here we see that the grief is of the mind. This lady uses all his mind and blows a problem out of nothing. It lacks only a sign reading “caution — brainstorm”. However, then Deva admits that he was wrong, and even apologized, but the consequences are devastating for these men.

4th place. Wife-motivator

Taurus woman — eternal engine. It is a Sign of stability, and are such ladies often bullies because they like the contrast of interest. But feelings are feelings, and lunch schedule. The lady Calf desirable and delicious to eat, and dress, a Villa and a car and the island. It should all be jealous. So bully, accidentally fell into the grasping claws of the Taurus, is fast becoming an exemplary family man and knows her entire set of motivational techniques. Sawing a wife skillfully, however, as blackmailing. In virtuoso manner to manipulate the yard guy turns into a successful man with a capital letter. If the husband was smart enough not to cross her.

The 3rd place. Fundamental wife

Firm and resolute woman-Capricorn knows the recipe for happiness. She just knows what she wants out of life, marriage and husband respectively. And she will not retreat from its goal. Lady-Capricorn will not marry just anyone because of some stupid feelings and false beliefs, Oh no. This woman is sure — that the marriage was a happy one, it needs to work properly. The problem is that she will come after you with an iron grip and modify to an acceptable ideal. And this is an irreversible process — get out alive has not yet managed to anyone. But after you were born again in marriage, peace and harmony, and a happy old age is guaranteed.

2nd place. Forever young wife

Freedom-loving women-Aquarius, according to astrologers, is a wonderful wife. A wife seems to be there, but at the same time, it as not. What could be better for men? Nobody gets, not saws, not dripping on the brain. However, a woman follows the main rule — it does not waste time on low life, so don’t expect it will clean and cook for you. Family life should be a place only unrestrained merriment. This woman is a great character all male dreams: always young and beautiful (even if she is 80, she continues to have fun as a student). Besides his wife, Aquarius will be engaged in only with his life, giving man complete freedom, and will never prefer to hammer my head to them alone.

1st place. The perfect wife

First place in the “Best wife in the world” is a Crayfish. For such a lady will have to run, but it’s worth it. In marriage, it will manifest itself in all its glory. This is a true hostess, clever, beautiful all in one. The house is clean and tidy, family harmony, children raised, husband fed, parents of the spouse happy. To her family — the main goal in life, so will everyone. And who will neglect family duties, he will severely pay. In a dictatorship sometimes want to regret not getting married any Lioness, but his wife does not allow to spare.

A woman before marriage and after marriage are two different women. Therefore, to protect yourself from the unexpected development of family life, casually ask sweetheart, what’s her Zodiac Sign. Do not forget that astrology only indicates things in common. Any woman is a mystery. Love your wives. Success to you,