A rape victim of Roman Polanski accused law enforcement authorities of negligence

Samantha Gamer, the one that at the age of thirteen was raped by Director Roman Polanski, again, came to the defense of her rapist. For 40 years he can’t come to America, where he buried his wife. Oh, and Samantha forgave him, but American justice is not willing to do that. The woman repeatedly said that he considers the punishment Planski exhausted, and the law enforcement officers involved in this high-profile case, accused of negligence and bribery.

In 2013 Samantha released the memoir “the Girl: a life in the shadows of Roman Polanski” (“The Girl: A Life in the Shadow of Roman Polanski”), in which said repeatedly raped for the first time from the Novel, and countless times, when the press told this story.
“You and all those who worked up to you never stand up for me, despised me and used is a crime only in order to move up the career ladder up” angrily wrote Samantha in his open letter addressed to the militiamen.
Last month a Los Angeles court once again rejected the request of the Director to close the case. He did not want and in absentia convictions, as urged by the advocates of the Novel. Polanski now lives in Poland, he lived in France, Switzerland and the UK, to which the United States treated the requirement to transfer the criminal.

Source: http://deadline.com
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