A number of the intercession Saturday in 2017

On the eve of the great festival of the Intercession of believers waiting for an important and symbolic event of the intercession Saturday. This day dedicated to the commemoration of all souls.

Any Saturday is a very important event in the lives of believers, and it is named so not by chance: the first person will always remember people are parents. In those days the faithful used to flock to the Church, prayers for the dead, light candles for the dead and visit the cemetery. According to the legend, on parent days buried close heed to us, see us, and even feel our attitude. Story intercession of commemoration are rooted in ancient times.

Intercession Saturday: the history of

Saturday intercession refers to the number of Universal service, which in Orthodoxy only three: on the eve of the Trinity, and during lent and before the feast, which is among twelve great feasts in the Orthodox calendar — the Holy virgin. These days it is very significant, because for the repose of each soul pray the whole world.

Legend says that one of the terrible days of the siege of Constantinople, all the faithful people, gathered together under the roof of God’s temple, prayed for the intercession of the saints. Two priests who on that day was praying with the others, saw the miracle and described it. According to them, the mother of God was accompanied by angels, with prophets, John the Baptist and John the Evangelist. The virgin, removed his robe, covered her all the laity, showing that now protects them divine power, that every soul is under the intercession and patronage. People’s memory is known as within the hour the army for unknown reasons, ceased their attacks, the enemies began to move away from the city walls in Constantinople returned the peace. In honor of this phenomenon, the Christians established a festival called the Holy virgin.

It is important to note that intercession Saturday in Orthodoxy was celebrated much later and not in every region of our Motherland. In the beginning of XVI century it was dedicated to the commemoration of dead soldiers, people who sacrificed their lives for the Motherland and faith in the Lord. Subsequently, religious people began to commemorate not only victims in the course of feuds and wars, but also their deceased loved ones.

Intercession Saturday in 2017

Date of universal service changes every year, so it is important to keep track of the Orthodox calendar. Intercession Saturday in 2017 falls on October 7, the Saturday before the great feast in honor of the Mother of God. At this time in many churches held memorial services and Church services.

Each of us has a loved one who has already departed to the other world. The clergy, therefore, are strongly recommended to visit the Church, put candles to pray for the dead, remembering only about the deceased in a good light, and to visit the cemetery.

Intercession Saturday, in fact, ordinary day, which differs only in the fact that at this time people can help the rest make the Kingdom of heaven and finally achieve unity with the Lord. Therefore, it is important to at least pray for their peace.

If you decide to embark on the path of spiritual education, stay out of the way. In intercession Saturday, your sincere prayers will help those who have lived upon the earth, to gain eternal rest. Pray for everyone who was dear to you. 7 October 2017 it is important to remember everyone who was close to you, a kind word. Take care of yourself, your loved ones