A number of Nativity of the blessed virgin in 2017

The Nativity of the blessed virgin Mary — a holiday filled with light and universal rejoicing for all Christians. It includes a variety of puzzles and important signs that help to change fate.

The Church calendar of the Orthodox celebrations will help you not to miss the world and is deeply revered holidays. The birth of the blessed virgin Mary is no exception. The Church assigns the feast of particular importance: the light appeared a woman who was the Mother of Jesus Christ, and overnight has changed the lives of people. Since the birth of Mary the world was suddenly filled with light and joy, the preachers declared: the prophecies begin to come true, stories of the sacred Apocrypha will be fleeting, coming the coming of the Savior.

The Nativity of the blessed virgin in 2017

Officially, the Nativity of the virgin Mary began to celebrate only in the sixth century after Christ. Since then not a day when believers even for a moment have forgotten the importance and significance of the blessed virgin Mary for the Christian people.

Everywhere in the temples of God, the solemn service, the clergy dress up in special clothes, which wear only a few times a year. The atmosphere of this day saturated with joy and happiness.

The Nativity of the blessed virgin — considered date, which is very easy to remember. From year to year on 21 September the life of Orthodox people light and hope. In the morning in the Church attracts parishioners to celebrate the day when the virgin Mary appeared. The event of this day is directly related to the salvation of every soul, so it is very important to read the prayer to the Mother of God beside her icons at least at home.

The significance of this feast for Christians

The blessed virgin was born in the sign of comfort your aged parents, whose hearts were filled with love for the Creator. Saint Anne and Saint Joachim sacrificially prayed only one thing: to a righteous life was ablaze with light and filled with meaning in the face of the baby. God was merciful and sent an angel, who told Anna that she can get pregnant, and her child will glorify the whole family. After exactly nine months from that day was born the Mary.

It is important to note the origin of the virgin. She was born sinless, the Lord saved Her from original sin, the rolling of every human being from Adam and eve. In the face of the virgin were combined, two genetic lines, has long been feuding. The father of the virgin Mary belonged to the descendants of King David, while the mother of Mary belonged to the family of the high priests. Hence the status, who received Jesus Christ during the life of the heavenly King.

For Christians the birth of the virgin Mary is an important holiday. Old Testament prophecy began to come true, and later each soul given a chance at eternal life in a world devoid of pain, grief and sadness. The mother of God their coming gave people the Savior and deliverer from sin.

The Nativity of the virgin in 2017 is celebrated on 21 September , new style. In the Catholic faith is the birthday of the Mother of God is celebrated on 8 September due to the difference of calendars. It is important to pay attention to the signs that can send angels. We wish you good mood and peace of mind. Be happy