A number of Epiphany in 2018

Epiphany is a very important celebration in the Orthodox faith. This Holy festival annually held special Church services in the churches, and the believers keep the tradition started in ancient times.

A large number of Orthodox faithful interested in what the main sense of an Orthodox holiday of the Epiphany. In earlier times it was considered a separate holiday, which was enclosed in his own sense. But nowadays everything is different: now it’s different naming of the Baptism of the Lord.

The Feast Of The Epiphany

In the past, Epiphany was celebrated on 6 January. The event was dedicated to three main events from the life of Christ: His Nativity, the coming of the Magi and the Baptism of Jesus. The particular reverence of the people paid homage to the birth of Christ, that is why this feast is often called the “Phenomenon” or “Enlightenment”, as Jesus Christ was born on earth to human, to enlighten sinful people and to guide them on the right path.

Years later the Christian Nations were divided in their views on the primacy of the occasion. Some believed that the appearance of Christ to celebrate before Christmas, others were convinced of the opposite. After the Baptism, in their judgment, more important, because only after this event He began to preach, saving people from their sinful thoughts and actions. That is why Christmas began to be celebrated in a different day — 25 December.

But even then the controversy continued, because the Catholics considered the most important the coming of the Magi on the day when Christ was born, and the Orthodox gave more honor to His acceptance of the cross. As a result, the Orthodox celebration of the Baptism United with the Epiphany that led to the emergence of a single occasion. The meaning of this holiday has been interpreted as the ritual ablutions of the Son of God in the great river Jordan, during which he revealed before mankind Their the Trinity: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.

The main traditions of the Epiphany

On the eve of the celebration, which will take place on January 19, people must adhere to strict food rules. The faithful do not eat anything before the time, until the last service in the Church late in the evening will not come to an end and the water will not be consecrated. Necessarily every Orthodox person drinks a small amount of Holy water that has special healing properties.

Need to dial them at least a little baptismal water, which is enough for the whole year, because it never goes bad. No need to dial large containers with water as even a drop of Holy water added to normal baptize her and give her miraculous power. The baptismal water helps not only with mental anxiety and physical illness, but also removes the house from negativity and quarrels. It is enough to spray all the corners with Holy water, thereby purifying and driving away negative energy.

On the night of 19 January, after all the Church services, Orthodox Christians dive into the hole in the water sources, thereby reviving the rite of Christ, which also took bath in the waters of the Jordan. This rite strengthens the spirit, cleanses us from sinful acts. According to old traditions, Orthodox Christians are dipped fully into the water 3 times, but for those who for some reason can’t make it, just washed in Holy water will be enough.

Meet this holiday with sincere joy and give your loved ones only the most bright and positive emotions. This day should start with prayer, then the Lord will give you success, happiness and success. Take care of yourself