A new book about Harry Potter in Moscow sold out in a day

In the capital’s secondhand store “Moscow house of books” new book on Harry Potter was sold out in less than a day.
As told reporters the employee of the store, all they received 200 copies, each costing 1749 rubles.

“Now all knine sold, and when a new arrival is unknown,” — said the woman.
Recall that in Russia sales of a new book by Joan Rowling “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” began August 5, and “Moscow house of books” — the only place where officially you can buy stuff. Until the end of the year publishing house “Azbuka-Atticus” will release a new edition of the Russian version.
Recall that in London to sell the book began on 1 August, the day after the premiere of the eponymous show, which was held in the Palace theater . The presentation, consisting of two parts, is about five hours. The main events in the play takes place nineteen years later after those that occurred in the last part of Harry Potter “Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows”. In the play the main party is the son of the famous wizard Albus Severus Potter.
“Now Harry Potter is finished,” said Rowling at the premiere of the play.

Source: https://lenta.ru
Photo: https://lenta.ru

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