A nervous breakdown was worth Kanye West $ 30 million

Moral exhaustion, and eventually a nervous breakdown brought rapper Kanye West (forcibly) in a psychiatric hospital. The musician was taken to the institution by force in handcuffs. In connection with these events, the West has had to cancel future concerts that he was supposed to give at home. All of them were 23. At these concerts Kanye could make a lot of money, but because of health issues West not only lost his profits, he was in the red.

Organizers of concerts of the rapper has put forward his claim in the amount of $ 30 million that Kanye now has to pay out of pocket.

Despite the fact that the concerts were insured, the insurance company can refuse the payout if it turns out that the disorder of the artist was of a chronic nature, and he knew that at the time of signing the contract.

To be considered a violation of the insurance contract you can also the case, which was caused by his “irresponsible conduct or negligent actions.” In the history of the West the test will be conducted to the fullest extent.

Source: intermedia.ru
Photo: news of show business

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