A man broke into the home of Sandra Bullock, has been accused of harassment

The Los Angeles court found the man, who broke into the home of Hollywood actress Sandra Bullock in 2014 guilty of harassment celebrities, breaking and entering on private property, but because of his mental illness, all that judges can do is to send him to compulsory treatment. In fact, the continuation of treatment, because Joshua James Corbett (the name of the Stalker) and had previously been treated in a psychiatric clinic. Now the man is ten years forbidden to approach the celebrities and not to contact her in any way.

Recall that Joshua was arrested in June 2014 after he snuck into the house of the sleeping celebrity. Later his house was discovered an unregistered firearm.
Corbett did not ask for clemency from the prosecutors and judges, as often happens in such cases. Sandra in court or never appeared at all hearings came her lawyer. He also asked the court to listen to a recording of a phone call made by Bullock on the night of the break-in of the unknown.
We will remind that on June 8, 2014 Corbett jumped the fence and ran into the house Sandra. The actress noticed it when he was already approaching the door of her bedroom. Bullock raced into the bathroom, locked the door and called the police.
Joshua was unarmed, but when it was 25 pages essay, in which he described his obsession with the actress and his feelings for her. When police arrived, he started screaming that he was the husband of Sandra. During the trial, he stated that he did not want to hurt anyone.
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