A magnetic storm on 8 and 9 September: how to protect your health

September has just begun, and storms are already raging in full force. This month will be very unstable and dangerous for all who are sensitive to the influence of the Sun.

Magnetic storms is the result of a protective mechanism of our planet from the negative sun exposure. Few people know, but it is continuous, and storms are the result of sudden or gradual increase in solar activity, due to the strong solar wind. Weather-sensitive people will have a very hard time on 8 and 9 September.

How to protect your health 8 and the number 9

After the increase in the magnetic background of the Earth about 20% of the world population will feel the influence of the Sun on Friday and Saturday. Will start a two-day storm with a spike. The power level of the magnetic storm reached the first level. On 9 September it will be already the second level.

These two days will be very dangerous for those who are intensively involved in sports or is constantly in a stressful situation. Relieve stress will help you meditation and timely rest. No need to stock up on headache pills. Better to often be outdoors, the benefit of meteorologists promise better weather and a temporary increase in air temperature.

Features of the forthcoming storm

Solar wind streams will be deprived of the frequency and the waviness. It will be one large stream of particles that slam into the Ground like a bus in a fragile showcase. Of course, for the Earth is not destructive, but people have not sweet.

There is quite small probability that even those who do not suffer health problems in these times, will feel the strength of the magnetic deviation. Special attention should be paid to their health those who have chronic diseases. They practically with absolute probability will worsen, causing great discomfort. If necessary, consult with your doctor.

Luck does not hurt you in these two days. Negative attitudes need to expel from their consciousness, because they are very dangerous enemies. Often tell yourself that you are capable of everything just to stay afloat. These two days will teach you endurance, if you’re willing to learn and are not willing to lose.