A magnetic storm from 13 to 16 September: how to protect your health and energy

In mid-September, the planet is waiting for a new period of magnetic storms. These days can negatively affect your health. We offer you tips on how to protect your health from the effects of this natural phenomenon.

For weather-sensitive people, magnetic storms sometimes be a big test. The deterioration of health status, severe headaches, excessive emotionality — all that is only part of the symptoms, which can bother you at this time. Should be prepared in advance and protect your health according to the recommendations that we have prepared for you on the website dailyhoro.ru.

The period of magnetic storms will be long

At the beginning of the month, the Earth survived a powerful solar flare, which led to the emergence of a powerful magnetic anomaly. Then, in the period from 11 to 12 September, the magnetosphere went into a state of rest.

With September 13 in the direction of the Earth will be sent another powerful solar flare, the magnetic background will be broken. A particularly strong magnetic storm will be on 14 and 15 September: the day weather-sensitive people, maybe a sharp deterioration of health. However, by September 16, the strength of the magnetic storms is reduced to the first level.

How to protect your health

Get rid of bad habits: even on ordinary days, alcohol and nicotine negatively affect health, and during magnetic storms, when your inner state requires the support of any SIP of alcohol can cause severe headache and the effect of nicotine is to weaken the body.

Good sleep: during magnetic storms strong and healthy sleep will give you more energy, and then the magnetic field will be reduced and will not affect your life.

Drink plenty of fluids: the influence of magnetic storms also affects the change in blood viscosity, which can negatively affect human health. Drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day to reduce the negative effect.

Avoid stress: conflicts over — all this can adversely affect your nervous system. Avoid stressful situations and try not to respond to instigators of fights, and less worry about problems. The solitude and fresh air will restore your peace of mind and help you to relax.

The correct diet: consume foods rich in vitamins. They will help to strengthen the immune system and ensure normal operation of internal organs. Exclude from the diet of fatty and fried food, as the digestion of these foods consumes a large amount of internal energy. Add to your menu lean meat and fish, vegetables, grains — such foods are easily digested and are good for your body. In no case do not overeat and do not skip meals.

Eliminate enhanced physical activity: sport is a great way of maintaining health and body weight. However, during magnetic storms it is not necessary to spend a large amount of energy and to pace yourself hard physical exercise. Here is a sport load for maintaining health and internal tone not only contribute to the strengthening of the body, but will also have a positive impact on your condition. Don’t forget about morning exercises and evening walk.

During magnetic storms possibly severe disturbance of sleep. In this case, take the infusion of lemon balm, Valerian and motherwort, as well as the link you can learn other means of dealing with insomnia.

Positive attitude: bursts of solar energy, which cause magnetic storms on Earth not only affect the physical but also on emotional state. Informal communication with close friends, attend events or read interesting books and magazines will give you positive emotions and will not leave time for negative thoughts and feelings.

Avoid flights: at the height of the influence of magnetic storms on human hard. So if you have the opportunity to refuse upcoming flights, it is better to take that chance. Transfer flight at a more favorable time. People with cardiac and hypertensive heart diseases should also avoid traveling on the metro because during braking of trains the magnetic fields gets stronger.

Even if you don’t feel the impact of magnetic storms, energy of magnetic sphere of the Earth still affect your emotional and physical state. So do not neglect their health and follow these simple rules. Take care of your health