A former fan of Olga Rapunzel revealed the secret of its popularity

After leaving the youth telestroke, Cyril not only hastened to tell what troubled him in the behavior of girls, but said that Rapunzel quite skillfully and efficiently playing to the camera for the sake of its popularity. It is worth noting that not on cavalier Oli admitted that she is much more skillful of his colleagues, making the lion’s share of air time goes to her, says site life-dom2.su.

As it turned out, Rapunzel expertly senses when in her turn the camera, which, although switched on around the clock, but can not remove members. Moreover, if you believe Kirill, Olga literally seconds to join the game and change your mood. And it’s not hormonal failure, and in the attention of cameras.

“The story is true. We already all have long understood that it is on the project the PLAYER. She even from your family life that they could build outside the perimeter, as many, but the GAME is more important and it was a pity not to organize a performance in which again the crap their “favorite” in the can” – shared his opinion of the fans youth telestroke.