A divorce will cost Danny DeVito 140 million dollars

For four years as a Hollywood actor Danny DeVito divorces wife RIA Perlman, but now it is really coming to an end. Apparently, the pair finally broke up and discusses their divorce, which will cost a celebrity at $ 140 million.

But a month ago, Riya had called Danny “hubby” on his page on Twitter, but between a husband and wife who have been married for 34 years, it seems, has gone too far.
Over the years of marriage, Danny and Riya gave birth to three children, Daniel, grace and Lucy, who are already very adult. To part with her husband-a womanizer Riya wanted after his affair with Sandra Siling, Director of the Spanish international film festival.
“Danny and RIA broke up because he changed his mind to divorce and break up again here. This time, it seems, finally. The last time they lived separate lives.
The reason they have not announced a divorce earlier – the desire to protect children from unnecessary noise,” said the insider.
The pair had been put up for sale your huge mansion in Beverly hills, wanting to get him $ 28 million. Following the real estate market will get their house in Malibu.
Recall that the couple got married in 1982, but in 2012, Riya resolutely filed for divorce, saying that a womanizer will not live, but DeVito managed to beg his wife not to leave. But the truce did not last long.
“Riya Danny has always supported and will continue to do it, she just realizes that it can’t change,” said the insider.

Source: http://radaronline.com
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