A cure for cancer Jeanne Friske saved from death young man

Zhanna Friske after his death from cancer, inadvertently helped the resident of Vladimir, whom doctors put such a diagnosis. The fact that the younger sister of the singer Natalia handed the sick man of expensive drugs, which, unfortunately, Joan was no longer needed.


About this case Natalia Friske was told at the filming of Andrei Malakhov “live”, which the viewers will soon see. Anyway, this little secret will be revealed, then Natalia has told about it in social networks. It turned out that after my sister died she gave the resident of Vladimir expensive vaccine. A miracle happened now.

Cancer man recovered and rose to his feet. He already was born. Natalia sure that Zhanna Friske really would have liked this story, like a fairy tale. After all, Joan was a very bright man and believe in the good wonders.