A close friend of Vera Glagoleva revealed new details of her death

Will soon be 40 days since the death of actress Vera Glagoleva, which still can not accept neither her fans, nor relatives, nor friends. How famous actress lived in the last days before their sudden passing, said her close friend.

As is known, the cause of death Vera Glagoleva was illness — cancer. At the same time, the public knew almost nothing about the fact that the actress was seriously ill.

The mystery of the Faith Glagoleva knew a close friend and producer Natalia Ivanova, with whom the actress has made three films. Recently Natalia Ivanova remembered how the actress has influenced her illness.

Her illness did not appear yesterday and was insidious that sometimes we forget that Faith is sick. Lively, easy, it worked for two, and talk about their illness, even in the close circle, dramatically suppressed. It was a taboo subject.

Also, as noted by Natalia Ivanova, state of Vera Glagoleva has deteriorated significantly in February this year after the death of her brother Boris, who also died from cancer. Have people noticed that the actress got worse, but hoping for a positive outcome.

She has until the last day was a huge lust for life, desire to work and create. I do know that it was not in her plans — to leave us.

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