81-year-old Judi Dench made my first tattoo

81-year-old Judi Dench made my first tattoo

The actress decided to make a tattoo for the day your 81-year-old.

British actress Judi Dench received a very unusual gift to the day of his 81st birthday. The daughter of actress Feint Williams gave his delightful mother tattoo. Now her wrist is decorated with the inscription Carpe Diem, translated from Latin means “Seize the day”.

“This phrase is my motto. – Dench told reporters. – Feint decided to buy one for me birthday. It may surprise”.

According to Judy, she planned to fill this tattoo last year to his eightieth birthday, but then she doubted the correctness of the composed phrase, “I liked this Indian symbol. It symbolizes life, love and other such things. When I explained its value, I’m a little confused, as I didn’t want to offend anyone if this value is not right.”

Two years ago the actress played producer Harvey Weinstein, who at the time managed to uncover the talent of the actress: “I Once said to him: “I got a tattoo with your name on their buttocks”. He laughed and even a little embarrassed. As you know, Harvey, it’s hard to faze, but I managed to do it,” – said the actress, adding that he later decided to “finish” the producer of this joke: “Before you will go with him for lunch, I asked the girl who did my make-up, write his name on my body. I came for lunch and again talked about the fact that you got a tattoo with his name, but this time it was more believable – I got up and showed it to him. I confess, I’ve never seen a more embarrassed man.”


Source and photo: woman.ua