76-year-old “Catwoman” married 50-year-old designer – 24???

76-year-old Jocelyn, Wildenstein, which became known as the “cat woman”, marries 50-year-old designer Lloyd Klein. Pair over 14 years is in a relationship.

As writes the British tabloid the Daily Mail, in December 2016, Wildenstein caught her lover cheating – she attacked him with scissors, striking him several blows in the chest. The pair then decided to make a pause in relations. Lloyd Klein met in Miami model Lauren foster transgender, but later realized that he wanted to return to ex-beloved, Wildenstein to propose to her.

Jocelyn Wildenstein | Kommersant

50-year-old designer gave Jocelyn a surprise: on the day he rented the mansion of Gianni Versace in Miami, graced the terrace of the beloved’s favorite colors, and then proposed to her, giving Wildenstein ring with a huge diamond, which weighs 32 carats. She agreed to become the wife of Klein.

Specifies that the wedding will take place in 2018, but Jocelyn had already started the celebration.