75-year-old Pele was married a third time

Legendary Brazilian footballer Pele proved that even at the age of 75 years, you can find happiness, you just need to be open to everything new and unknown.

Beloved sports legends, has become not supermoda girl who could pass for his daughter. No, mind, and intellect, despite the age of the player even to yourself. Wife Pele was a 50-year-old Marcia Sibel Aoki.

To formalize the relationship the pair had been going on for several decades. For the first time fate has brought Brazilian football player and entrepreneur of Japanese origin in the early 1980s. But then neither Marcia nor Pele could not see each other as a potential partner for creation of family. Once again however, the couple was in 2010: a fateful meeting occurred in the Elevator of high-rise buildings. After that, the lovers are never parted.

About the wedding ceremony pelé, Marcia is little known. The triumph, which had 120 guests, was held on the coast of são Paulo state. The event, according to witnesses, was held with style and panache. Guide couple’s wedding was the wedding ceremony of the Royal couple – Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Note that before Pele has twice found himself at the altar. With Rosemeri DOS Reis Cholbi the best football player of the twentieth century were born three children: Kelly Christine, Edson and by Jennifer. Second wife of the famous athlete became Assyria Lemos Seixas. The couple gave birth to twins Joshua and Celeste.

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