70-year-old Renat Ibragimov awaiting the birth of the ninth child – 24???

Russian singer Renat Ibragimov is preparing for the ninth time to become a father. His wife Svetlana minnekhanova wants to give him another child, reports the edition “StarHit”.

Recently in one of the Moscow restaurants in the music festival Golden Jazz held a “Christmas party”, the guests who were the stars of the Russian show-business, in particular, Renat Ibragimov.

70-year-old actor appeared at social events in the company of his wife, which the publication has chosen the outfit with a boxy fit. Paparazzi drew attention to the fact that under this outfit minnekhanova tried to hide her rounded belly.

Renat Ibragimov with his pregnant wife | starhit.ru

As it turned out, the wife Ibragimova once again preparing to become a mother: the whole evening Svetlana and Renat took congratulations on the pending addition to the family.

In February 2017 Renat Ibragimov was born the eighth child: a 30-year Minnikhanov gave him a girl called Maryam. In Ibrahimov’s words, he waited for the birth of the boy, who wanted to call Ahmet.