7 laws of happy relationships: how to keep love

Love requires tireless work. There are several laws that will help you establish rapport and keep the love for years to come.

To comply with the laws that lead to harmony in a relationship is important, because your love must be mutual. Working together, you will create not only a beautiful couple, but a family that will be an example for others to follow. To open doors of love, use meditation. They will allow us to show love to the chakras, and you will be ready to meet the most beautiful and light feeling.

1. The law of love

Love involves not just feelings but also a desire to care, protect and care for your loved one. Mutual love is the work of both partners who want to keep their feelings for many years. Eliminate all the negative emotions out of their relationship. A manifestation of jealousy or a desire to manipulate a loved one will not allow you to keep warm relations. Develop the best qualities, because mutual love demands selflessness and generosity from both lovers.

2. The law of words

The words that we speak have the exclusive power. With their help, we can attract any good. That’s why in love there are no invectives and reproaches. Words with negative connotation have a negative impact on relationships and can destroy the most solid couple. Make your love have kept the energy of both partners, talk to each other compliments and most important in the lives of people the words “I love you.”

3. The law of trust

People in relationships must learn to trust each other and to trust. If you’re jealous of your mate and try to catch her in a lie, the relationship is doomed. Fear of loneliness, which can give rise to jealousy, should be eliminated from your relationship, because if your love is mutual, then you have nothing to fear. Love and trust each other, and then you will be able to overcome all obstacles on the way.

4. The law of giving

Give each other mutual feelings, if you want to keep the love in your couple. The more you give the more you receive in return. Love is always returned, so your feelings will always return to you the sincere warmth and care. Remember that to lose love is simply nothing to give in return, and then you will be unhappy in a relationship. Do not wait until you fall in love, take the first step and you will be able to plunge in the wonderful feelings. The principle of love is not that you can take in exchange for their attitude to the partner, and that you will be able to give him to preserve the harmony and happiness of the pair.

5. The law touches

Tactile sensations are a strong means of preserving love. With the touch you can show your love and enjoy the moments of unity and mutual happiness. Embrace provoke a reaction partner, and caring would be a great basis for a trusting relationship. Even just holding hands, you will feel a great sense of love, trust and understanding with your partner.

6. The law of freedom

Don’t stifle your soul mate, depriving her of freedom. Obstacles that you are trying to limit a partner not contribute to a trusting relationship. Sometimes love manifests itself in the concern when one of the partners gives the opportunity for the beloved to be alone, meet your friends or just sit with a book in silence. If you try to “keep on a short leash” your mate, it is about trust and love in return, you can forget. The more freedom will be in your relationship, the more understanding you will achieve.

7. The law of sincerity

Genuine relationship will allow you to trust each other and every day to feed the flower of your love. Sincerity is an indispensable element of love, so many secrets will not help your relationship. Every day let your partner know how much you love him and trust him. This behavior will provoke a reciprocal trust, and your couple will not threaten the separation.

The search for love does not always end successfully, and partners may not be who they say they are. Not to be disappointed in your choice, use a numerology calculation. With it, you will be able to know how strong your love compatibility.