65-year-old sting will be the first time grandfather

For the active professional activities of the singer, sting has managed to find time to bear and raise six children — Elliot, Sumner Joseph, Fuchsia, Bridget Michael, Jake and Giacomo.

The children grew up and now continue to race the British artist. The other day a 65-year-old sting and his wife Trudie Styler have announced that they are preparing to be grandparents.

In an interesting situation now is the eldest daughter of British Bridget Michael. By the way, the birth of the first grandson of the sting will be out very soon – in January 2017.

As told reporters Trudy, most likely Bridget’s boy, which will be called David. Choosing a name is associated with the departed in January 2016 by David Bowie, which actually predicted a girl the imminent birth of a boy.

View the feasibility of the prediction of the artist.

Source: segodnya.ua
Photo: segodnya.ua

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