6 days before news and rumors “Dom-2” today, 20.09.2017: a review of recent events for today, latest news “House-2” now 20 Sep

News and rumors from the TV project “Dom-2”, which is relevant for today, September 20, 2017, report the mass of events. In particular, the following: Responsibility Tata spoke about plans to return to telestroke. Vitaliy Malyshev and Alice Litinskaya lie about love. Andrew Dennis publicly admired by Anastasia Dotykowy that discuss the audience.

“Dom-2” today, 20.09.2017: news and rumors, six days before the broadcast

• Despite all the efforts of Victoria romanet seem the smartest possible way, quite often, fans of “House-2” find the flaws, talk about the illiteracy of the girl. So, the next occasion for criticism the girl earned during shopping together with Alexandra Artemov and Allianoi Golosovoy. Social media users were shocked after seeing the footage, which you can clearly see how Vic was amused by the evacuation of the shopping centre. Unlike Victoria, never thought to laugh and have fun because of what is happening, especially in light of how in our time the world’s serious terrorist threat. Many of you wrote to Victoria that on such things can not laugh, and the worst that could happen at any moment and with each person. Also users of social networks are still not forgotten how two months ago romanet wanted to cancer child its subscribers will, which dared to criticize the star of “House-2”.

• Alex Cicic explained that Alice Litinskaya and Vitaly Malyshev deceive others about his love. “The situation acne, Alice and Nikita, funny and reminiscent of soap Opera. Triangle where love, betrayal and competition. To begin with, how does acne, he cries out in love to Alice, as the screaming and Julian and others , but it is the weekend and women outside of it attract, the attention from which can not refuse. But Alice, I never believed in her feelings, I always thought she’s an actress and for the sake of the project, anything will do. Vitaliy was the best party if she loved, would not have a couple of days later to kiss Nikita, she’d suffered and endured, but I wouldn’t seek revenge, she mentioned that she does not want acne, and magic is not wrong… Many times lied. Therefore, they are each other’s worth, and Nikita in this case, as the orderly forest that exposes his deceitful women. Nikita medal need to give, and when you get another girl to Vitalik, close in ambush keep Nikita, he knows,” – said Alexey.

• Denis Kovalev told about his sending to Seychelles. “The Seychelles… It’s not only the Islands, every two weeks send a couple of the residents of the Glades, getting the other two from there (sometimes they spend away from the capital of Russia for 2-3 months). Seychelles is also one of the filming sites of the TV show, which I was lucky enough to participate. It’s kind of a spin-off of “House 2”, which was given the subtitle “Island of love”. 3 bungalows, 1 Villa, pool and the Indian ocean around… Ahha. Seychelles wait! 5 weeks in the Meadow, and now a new countdown: the Island. Follow my publications, I promise to reveal the entire kitchen project “Dom2. The island of love,” he said.

• Andrey Denisov does not hide his admiration by Anastasia Dotykowy. “I am very glad that leading gave Nastia a chance to try to get to know each other and try to build relationships, hearing my request not to send her to the Islands! Just a couple of days I felt that I wanted to be with her, it makes me nervous at the sight of her, I don’t know how to explain it, I’m floating in the clouds, being with her. I was overwhelmed with emotions of joy and admiration for her! We declared ourselves a couple, the brain realizes that early, but my heart is quite another! I hope, believe that I made the right choice, as I really want warmth, sincerity and reciprocity on the part of girls. I in turn will do everything that I need, if I feel that person needs it. Now I have the euphoria, I fly, dream, buzz,” said Andrew.

• Responsibility Tata spoke about plans to return to the “Dom-2”. “We are planning to come to the end of the month or early October. Honestly, really missing the guys and leading. Now we have to watch the broadcasts and read news to be aware of what is happening, and that worries about Betty was not the time to sit in front of the TV. But of course with some of the participants were constantly in touch, and Nikita even came to visit. We have loved is the goal, showing good attitude and be an example of a happy family, the more we have a lovely daughter. Not a bit worried that the project will affect the upbringing of the child. By the way, Bubacco already begun to do, she repeats after me different sounds,” said the girl.