52-year-old Monica Bellucci did not hesitate to make erotic scenes

52-year-old Monica Bellucci continues to prove to fans and colleagues that it is not for nothing is one of the most attractive and sexy Actresses of our time.

Despite already elderly age, to be naked on camera and to star in an erotic scene for Monica not a problem.

She actually did in the American series called “Mozart in the jungle”.

Partner Bellucci in a piquant scene was the actor Gael Garcia Bernal, who in the series plays the role often women’s changing conductor Rodrigo.

Reference: “Mozart in the jungle” — a Comedy-drama series, created based on the memoirs of Blair Tyndale “Mozart in the jungle: Sex, drugs and classical music”. In the center of the story — behind-the-scenes of the new York Philharmonic orchestra.

At this moment airs for the third season. The series enjoys great popularity among the audience and no wonder, because in addition to interesting and unusual plot, it attracts more cast and film crew.


Source: kp.ru
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