51-year-old Salma Hayek went blonde – 24???

51-year-old actress Salma Hayek radically changed her image. She appeared at fashion Week in Paris with a new hair color, writes Hello!. One of the sexiest Actresses rarely experimenting with appearance, but this time I changed my hairstyle and color.

Usually Salma Hayek emphasizes Hispanic ethnicity, long hair and natural dark hair color. At the Altuzarra show, she appeared a blonde with a new elongated quads in a crimson pantsuit and a cream blouse. A complement to tan, Salma received during a recent family vacation.

51-year-old Salma Hayek went blonde | Hello!

Hayek is a supporter of natural beauty and is not afraid to publish Instagram pictures without makeup. She is opposed to bodyshaping protects women with curvaceous.

“I love the definition of “lush, seductive,” because straight lines are boring,” she claims.