5 facts from the life of the birthday Richard Gere

5 facts from the life of the birthday Richard Gere

Today, 31 August, his birthday celebrates a famous actor and a favorite of many women Richard Gere. He is 67 years old. It should be noted, for him to face any age. But appearance is not its only advantage. Talent Richard Gere can be measured not only by the number of his admirers, but also awards, as well as numerous works in the film industry.

In honor of the birthday of Richard Gere edition tochka.net prepared for you a few facts of his life:

1. Richard Gere studied philosophy and direction, then decided to leave school and become a professional trumpeter. Gir decided that the musicians capricious than the actors, so went off to the actors.

2. Gear could become a gymnast. Besides it was called a very talented gymnast. It helped him get a scholarship to College.

3. The first role that got Richard Gere, he was never able to play. The actor was supposed to star with Stallone in the movie “Lords of Flatbush”. But because of their constant skirmishes and then fighting, Gere was replaced by another actor.

4. In 2004 Richard Gere presented his personal photo exhibition. It was an exhibition of photographs called “Pilgrim”, which was opened in the framework of the festival “Tibet: Traditions. Art. Philosophy.”

5. In the mid 80-ies Richard Gere earned the title of sex symbol. And keeps it to this day.


Source and photo: tochka.net