5 facts from the life of the birthday Harrison Ford

5 facts from the life of the birthday Harrison Ford

Birthday day Harrison Ford: an actor for about 50 years working in the film industry.

Today, July 13, was born the famous actor and producer Harrison Ford. The birthday boy is celebrating his 74th birthday. The film series Star wars and Indiana Jones made him famous. And so, for 50 years he continued his work in the film industry, boldly changing roles and trying himself in different spheres of cinematography.

Especially for you edition tochka.net has prepared a few facts from the life of the artist:

1. At 22, Harrison Ford has already signed a contract with Columbia Pictures. But Harrison believed actor-loser, especially after he was cut from the film “Zabriskie point”.

2. When the career of an actor he was not given – he went to work as a carpenter. Film Director George Lucas brought him back to the movies. He met with Ford and was offered the role in the movie “American graffiti.”

3. Maybe someone ratings mean nothing, but if Harrison Ford was one of the most highly paid actors of the last quarter of the twentieth century, it is already talking about his acting and popularity.

4. All the movie stunts for Harrison Ford performed by a professional stunt men. But the rest of the physical burden was on him: running, jumps, basic stunts. Ford put a lot of time training. Enjoys tennis.

5. Children of Harrison Ford did not go in his father’s footsteps. They have always been indifferent to his profession.


Source: tochka.net
Photo: kinopoisk.ru