5 facts about the birthday boy VIN Diesel

5 facts about the birthday boy VIN Diesel

The birthday boy of the day VIN Diesel: actor celebrates 49th anniversary.

July 18, his birthday said the actor who won a screen not one woman’s heart, actor and producer, writer and Director VIN Diesel. Birthday today marks 49 years. A charismatic figure and acting talent made him popular and one of the most popular action heroes.

In honor of the birthday of the Diesel edition tochka.net has prepared a few facts from the life of the artist:

1. VIN Diesel’s career as an actor started with theatre, which came completely by accident. He was 7 years old when he and his friends came to the theater only to play with the props. The boys noticed, but instead of moralizing, they got their hands on the scripts and tried to read the text. So it all started.

2. Being a tall and shy guy was not good enough to win the hearts of girls all his youth he studied hard in the gym. And it helped not only in the relationship with the girls, have created a certain image of the Wine itself.

3. Real name Diesel – mark Sinclair Vincent. VIN Diesel appeared at the time when he took a job as a bouncer at a popular night club “the Tunnel” in Manhattan.

4. Some Diesel was a salesman in teleshopping. He later moved to new York and started with the most inconspicuous role.

5. In 1996, VIN Diesel filmed his first idea — painting “Tramp”. He and his friend John Sayle managed to accumulate more than 50 thousand dollars and make a film. Diesel played a major role. The film made a big splash and was well received by critics.


Source and photo: tochka.net