5 facts about birthday Matthew Perry

5 facts about birthday Matthew Perry

August 19 your birthday a famous actor of Comedy Matthew Perry. The actor turns 47 years old.

Judging by the reviews of his colleagues, Matthew creates a fun atmosphere not only in the movies, but in real life. In the movie, he works since 1979, and in 1999 tried herself as a writer, producer, Director.

In honor of the birthday of Matthew Perry edition tochka.net prepared for you a few facts of his life:

1. Matthew Perry does not stop there. Come to the world of television, he as a TV presenter, later, he got roles in TV series, movies, he often went to the theater stage. Another field, Perry is the scoring of the characters of the animated series “the Simpsons” and computer role-playing game “Fallout: New Vegas”.

2. Not everyone thinks Matthew Perry handsome, but his charm will bribe any woman. So, in 1999, People magazine gave the seventh place among the 50 most beautiful people in the world that is Perry.

3. At 18 years Matthew Perry appeared in the film “a Night in the life of Jimmy Reardon”. And he got there by accident. He and his friends were sitting in a cafe, where at the next table sat the producer looking for new faces for this series. Once Perry proved in an informal setting, the producer decided to approach and to invite him to audition.

4. The role Chandiga Bing could not get it Matthew. During the pilot launch of the project “Six of One”, which became the series “Friends”, Perry came to the audition because of other filming. But as a result the role of Chandler Bing made Perry famous.

5. Matthew Perry has created a rehabilitation center for drug addicts and alcoholics. The actor wants to help those people who can’t get rid of addictions and dependency. All because he knows what it’s like to be addicted to drugs and alcohol.


Source and photo: tochka.net