49-year-old Julia Roberts was caught with another man

In 2016, the world’s media from time to time there were reports that the family of Julia Roberts not so smooth as before. It was rumored that the actress is divorcing her husband and even put him out of the house, having bought him a separate housing.

Supposedly, the new mansion, 46-year-old operator is close to the house where Julia with children. Such a step, the actress has decided after 14 years of marriage because she was tired from the accumulated claims and innuendo.

It seems that this information may be truthful and to divorce a couple in the neighborhood. Recently paparazzi caught Julia kissing on the street with an unknown man.

The pictures can be seen as Julia and her new lover hot first kissing, then hugging, and then something out. However, it is unlikely the pair was talking in high tones: if you believe the eyewitnesses, Julia and an unknown man were happy in each other’s company.

Recall, married to Daniel Moder Julia came out in 2002. In 2004 the couple gave birth to twins, a girl, hazel Patricia and boy Phineas Walter, and in the 2007th – the boy, Henry Daniel Moder.

Source: graziamagazine.ru
Photo: graziamagazine.ru

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