48-year-old Catherine Strizhenova suspected pregnancy

We are accustomed to news from abroad about what this or that celebrity, approaching its fiftieth anniversary, makes a “gift” in the form of a child.

Far even can not walk. In old age the heirs even got the prima Donna of the national stage Alla Pugacheva.

Now, experience the joy of motherhood again able Ekaterina Strizhenova.

Russian media reported that the couple Strizhenov expecting third child.

The reason for talking steel outfits the 48-year-old Catherine: the last time Strizhenova prefers exclusively loose clothing.

The final point to these suspicions was the choice of dresses at the opening of the Moscow film festival. Catherine took to the red carpet in the dress in lilac color, which is due to the peculiarities of the design, not something that is not emphasized the waist area and make the most of it concealed.

Equally interesting dress Strizhenova chose to taffy. Blue outfit, baggy cut was deprived of any opportunity to see the rounded tummy of a celebrity.

Strizhenovoj Instagram is also full of ambiguous pictures, for which Catherine seem to have put on a little weight.

Did the presenter in the third time will become a mother?

Source: cosmo.ru
Photo: cosmo.ru

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