39-year-old Olga Orlova described the condition under which she will marry

Ex-participant of group “Brilliant” Olga Orlova gave an interview in which he spoke about his partner in life and your plans for future family creation.

The singer noted that she does not like to talk about his personal life: “It’s such a topic that should remain private. Yes, I have a few years in a relationship, I’m happy, I’m fine — that’s all I can tell you”.

The journalists clarified whether Olga is legal to connect the life with the beloved man? To which the singer replied: “At the moment I’m not married and I have a relaxed attitude to marriage. I was once married, with the dress and all. I have this box set, as they say. And now totally relaxed attitude to this subject. I believe that children should appear in the marriage. That’s when I have another baby, I will marry again… Probably. And while I’m fine”.

Source: elle.ru
Photo: elle.ru

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