37-year-old Elena Letuchaya married in Greece

Romantic Greek island of Santorini, saw the happiness of another couple. The other day in this Paradise tied the knot the former host of “Revizorro” Elena Volatile and Yuri Anashenkov.

The ceremony was semi-closed, because to enjoy this action could only relatives and close friends of the couple.

Note that in Greece, Elena and Yuri for a long time. There’s a couple enjoyed the stay, Volatile boasted a photo in his microblog on Instagram.

By the way, to the altar Lena 37-year-old bride was in a dress from one of the best wedding designers is Vera Wang. For snow-white outfit, Lena personally flew to Paris.

Recall, a little over six months have passed since that day, as the presenter said Yes to your beloved. A few days before the wedding, Elena made a “flying hen” in one of the best hotels in Moscow, rent a presidential Suite for himself and his friends, who, incidentally, have no relationship to show business.


Source: life.ru
Photo: instagram.com

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