30 things you need to get to the next birthday: change your life for the better

Birthday enhanced relationship with the Universe, move towards new goals. This is a special day for everyone. However, the positive energy is dramatically reduced if you are surrounded by excess.

The secret of success in life — enhanced energy. It’s hard to accept, but it’s true. The required amount of life force that helps us become the master of your life. Negative, that people hold inside, blocks the access of light energy. Until the person is full, he will walk in a circle to meet similar people and to bring the same event. Everyone is born to be happy, so why waste yourself on anger, negative thoughts and doubts? Let go of your past, until it was your day which will change everything.

Energy birthday

Birthday is an important, even magical day. This is the day when enhanced by your connection to the Universe, and she can hear all your desires. We all have dreams and a purpose in life. All that is needed for their realization, is the amount of energy required. The sages call it the breath of life. At birth we measured a small amount of vitality, but every year it grows. This power — fuel for their intended purposes, intentions and desires. However, the higher pace of life, the stronger are wasting. The energy burned is wasted on the hated classes and negative emotions. Learn how to use it correctly, and then you will be available good luck, renewal and joy. Try to give up 30 things that block your energy.

30 things you need to get rid of

1. Stop doing what does not suit you. Life for and given to enjoy it and not put up with it. Follow your own path. Do what inspires you, motivates to move forward and improves mood.

2. Leave the past in the past. With age, we begin to understand what stops us from what we should reject. Sometimes to stay in place — then take one hundred steps back.

3. Let go of doubt — the enemies of your development. No matter how much you have made mistakes before. It’s an experience. Someone realizes himself quickly, some more slowly. Even if you are slow, you are already far ahead of those who did not even bother to try.

4. Dispose of the habit of something to regret. The idea that you have something to lose will automatically become negative. Do not regret about what I did or didn’t do when I had the chance. Your life will always be filled with events of different nature. It all depends on what angle you look at it.

5. Stop worrying about someone else’s opinion. Your life is only yours. You have already started to write the story of your life, so don’t let anybody else do it for you.

6. Do not avoid problems. Better to treat them as opportunities to become stronger. You won’t be able to get rid of that ignore.

7. Stop complaining. If you are not satisfied with something, change it. You can not change — change your attitude. Empty complaints — only shaking the air.

8. Do not make excuses. There is a law of life: I want will find the time, do not want to — find the cause. Talk yourself out of excuses. If you really want something to do, you will have the ways to achieve this, if not — then not so much wanted.

9. Say “no” to laziness and conventions. You will never become a successful person if you will look for the easy way out. In life you don’t get what they want, and what you have achieved through their own efforts.

10. Do not step on the same rake. People can’t make the same mistake a few times. If you repeat it, it’s not a bug, but your choice.

11. Do not idealize anything. Overpriced bar of expectations, the endless search for the ideal — a barrier to success. Discard the concept of perfection. While your head is filled with thoughts about something incomprehensible, you will not get close to the dream.

12. Stop thinking that everything is best left behind. Even now you continue to create your life. Learn to think positively, thinking to myself that each new day better than before.

13. Accept the fact that you won’t always get what you want. The universe works according to its own laws, which sometimes defy logical explanation. So take as a given any defeat, even if you spent on achieving the desired effort. Then something else will smile to you an unexpected luck.

14. Stop fighting for justice. Life is unfair, and if you expect that your honesty the world will respond the same, you are mistaken. You don’t agree with the lion, so he didn’t attack you because you attacked him.

15. It is impossible to think that you are worse than others. Each person has their hidden abilities, that make it unique. Think less that you have something worse than the other. Better cure insecurity by abandoning a habit to compare.

16. Let go of expectations. Dream, make plans, hope for the best, but don’t live it. Life events may rapidly turn in the opposite direction. From it nobody is insured. A person’s success is 90% depends on how it reacts to sudden changes.

17. Don’t wait for the opportunity. You can spend your whole life waiting for the right moment, and not waiting for it. All because it does not exist in nature, it is in your head. Every bold decision — already a leap forward. Don’t limit yourself, trust your inner voice.

18. Forget about the need for comfort: great people brings chaos. Of course, you often heard the phrase “it’s time to get out of the comfort zone”. Now is really the time. Real life rages outside the room. If you want to live life to the full, will have to defeat the inconvenience. No win, no personal growth.

19. It is impossible to prepare for everything that happens in your life. We are all human, and talent to make mistakes is in our blood. You can’t know everything in advance, it is not necessary. Just do everything to the best of its forces and capabilities, and over time you will become a first-class master. Not the great who never fell, and the great, who was up and down.

20. Do not go to extremes. It is dangerous to live by the rule “all or nothing”. These are the two extremes between success and complete failure. Try to live between them, appreciate the Golden mean. A thirst for success do not have access to your thoughts, and fear of failure — living in your heart.

21. Forgive yourself all the mistakes. You could do otherwise, but did not. So it had to be, you needed it. Treat the lesions as to the accumulation of important experience. Only your mistakes can build the ladder to the Olympus of success.

22. It is not necessary to cave in under the changeable world, he should bend to you. Don’t let the burning issues of the day to defeat you every day. Without a fight there is no victory. The beginning of something worthwhile and great — always a severe test of fortitude and faith in yourself. Never give up, even if the whole world is against you.

23. Leave extra excitement. Excessive anxiety will not save you from problems, it will add fuel to the fire. When you are afraid, you are disoriented and unable to think clearly. In this state you can go astray and lose a fortune. Do not create problems out of nothing, control your emotions.

24. Don’t buy what you don’t need. Advertisers feed people with goods and services in which they do not need. Our world is full of imposed opinion, but easy to drop. Going to the store for some things, you think about their importance, not on material values, believe yourself, and not advertising, and you can use the purchase a vital necessity, not arrogance. Wealth is easier to attain with less.

25. Stop looking for the causes of failures. It is better to concentrate on what you already have. Look for qualities that will help you become happier. Positive thinking changes everything.

26. Avoid hypocrisy. Don’t try to be a good man, if you are not. Need to learn to see both advantages and disadvantages that you can change.

27. Don’t compare yourself with other people. There is always someone smarter, more successful, richer or prettier, but this should not worry you. Avoid value judgments.

28. Keep yourself in hand. Need to stay strong even when everything around is just wrong. Take your life under control before it starts to control you.

29. Don’t be impulsive. Never do anything on a hot head, then you do not want to rake superfluous problems.

30. It is impossible to put the needs of the people above his own. Help as you deem necessary, but never allow yourself. Listen to other people, but don’t lose your own opinion.

The most difficult task — to make the decision to change yourself and your life. This is probably the most difficult challenge that we face. But don’t lose faith in yourself. Set a goal to form good habits before your next birthday. It is difficult to start. Any change outside of your comfort zone — excited but terribly nervous event. Subconsciously we try to resist change because they are afraid of everything new. Therefore, to reach the second point turns out not everyone, but those who have tried, can not be stopped. Rewrite the story of his life. Success to you,