26-year-old singer John Newman has cancer of the brain

Recently, foreign media talking about the fact that the 26-year-old British singer John Newman has cancer. It was assumed that the artist has brain cancer. Despite the fact that fans drove these thoughts away and didn’t want to believe that this is actually true, this information was confirmed by the artist.

“It was bound to become public at some point, and perhaps now is the best time for this. I regularly passed the examination from the moment I was first diagnosed with the tumor. There was a chance that she’ll come back, and unfortunately, it happened. I prepare once again to go through all the treatment, it is scheduled for next year. I work with wonderful doctors, I know I’m in good hands. Nothing can distract me from the work that I love so much,I can’t stop making music. But you don’t have to worry about me. The prognosis is good, a lot of people are in much more dire situations. Speaking about his illness, I just want to raise awareness and consciousness of the others — you need to undergo regular screening and treatable disease at a very early stage. I’m very lucky!” — shared the singer with the press.

It is worth saying that this time Newman had a relapse. Four years ago, John has put this disappointing diagnosis, but the tumor was not malignant. Education was removed. Now the disease is back, but Newman hopes that he will be able to overcome as easily as the first time.

Source: cosmo.ru
Photo: vokrugzvezd.com

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