25 famous women, who do not have children: reasons and explanation

Sometimes the stars think child birth just put an end to their career and that’s when they decide for themselves that give birth to a child even before or generally not worth it, but in what age and stage of life it becomes too late.

In addition to the list below, You will also be able to learn more about women who have no children here, just as there are other interesting news.

First place in our ranking is Jennifer aniston. All remember the actress who starred in so many great TV shows and movies like “Friends,” “We’re the Millers” and others, but at the moment, the actress has no heirs.

Kylie Minogue took second place. Everyone knows the singer Kylie Minogue, but not all know the reason why such a charming woman still has no children. The fact that in all his years she was constantly trying to get pregnant, but unfortunately, all to no avail, and she remains childless.

Eva Mendes just wants to have a child. It is much more important in the owl was to build a career as an actress and take one of the most important places in show business, but the children she did not like what she admitted.

Oprah Winfrey has no heirs, but at the age of 14 years was pregnant, but unfortunately lost the baby. After that pregnancy, the actress did not come on.

Camern Diaz has no children is also due to the fact that she just doesn’t want to. This she confessed in another interview.

Kim Catral became a mother, as a big part of his life gave the film, and she admits that adults who are around her are not always able to handle it, especially a child.

Rene Zellwegger says that he believes children slavery for the developing person and that is why she does not have them.

Mylene Farmere despite his successful career, the woman did not want to have children, because according to her, it’s too much responsibility.

Patricia Kaas herself has admitted that she wants to have children, but, unfortunately, to get pregnant and failed.

Famke Janssen says that she simply did not need children for life and that is why it does not have them.

Liza Minnelli was once pregnant, but are unable to bear children, and because long-term treatment centers, was never able to get pregnant.

Winona Ryder at her age, the actress has no children.

Dolly parton is infertility and why can not get pregnant. On this basis, she is having problems with the depression.

Condoleezza rice famous Secretary in the White House was not involved in a serious relationship, and that’s why no children.

Bozena of Rynska despite the fact that at the moment it is quite a popular personality. Which attracts attention we can say that she does not want to have children, just because of the public profession

Lada Luzina says that she dislikes children, and does not want to have them for this reason alone. Soon Lada was also not wants to have a baby.

Jacqueline Bisset owl in an interview repeatedly said that he loves children, but specifically to answer the question of whether she can not make.

She Helen Mirren Helen admits that the desire to have a child she’s just missing and it can not do anything.

Lara Flynn Boyle is not clear for what reasons refuses to have a baby. Some say it also and antics of the past, when she was a little girl my mother could always be her model. Maybe Lara he smiles not to come under this image of the perfect mom?

Jessica Biel, despite his young age, she said that the children she be unwilling.

Famke Janssen also said that the baby at this period of time it to anything.


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