24 visitor rap concert in Ohio poisoned candy with marijuana

Over twenty spectators who came out this weekend to a rap festival “Last weekend on Earth” in Ohio received a serious poisoning from candy. But not simple, but with a secret.

According to the publication Billboard, citing the words of police major Jonathan Massey, the unknown man was handing out in the crowd of candy, containing high dose of THC – the substance secreted by marijuana. A couple of these candies gives an adult the feeling of light intoxication, but the fact that some ate them a few dozen.
Used these lollipops to the audience became ill and they were admitted to a nearby hospital, and some even had to spend the night under the dripper. Good Samaritan, who so graciously shared the candy with drugs, now wanted by the police.

Source: http://www.billboard.com
Photo: http://www.billboard.com

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