2018 year of what animal

In East calendar there are twelve animals mascots and five elements, which alternate each year. 2017 Fire Rooster comes to an end, so it’s time to find out what animal will be the main in 2018.

The final stage of the year, red Rooster will have to prepare us for something new. This year many people were very dynamic, so we need to look to the future and to look back to see the results of all the work done. Try to remember, what was your main mission, goal, objective that you set yourself in the winter, in January or even earlier. It’s time for one last push, because it’s a positive time for global change will not be long. This year is well suited for wedding, conceiving a child, search for new work, global purchases.

2018 East calendar

If you opened the Eastern calendar, you probably already know that 2018 will be the year of the earth Dog. Yellow Dog will replace the Cock on February 16 when mark will be the Oriental New year, which is linked to the lunar calendar. This is the second new moon after the winter solstice, December 21. The holiday will last almost two weeks, but believed to be in force a Dog already on the 16th.

The cycle of the change of animals ambivalent. On the one hand, the Dog will again become a symbol in 2030, but it will be another year of the disaster. The element plays a decisive, but an important value in the forecasts. The element determines the nature of the animal, its main sphere of influence. All must pass 60 years to earth Dog returned to us.

Feature 2018 Dog

Yellow, or earth Dog is a symbol of financial saturation in the Eastern calendar. In 2018, could and should strengthen its position in business, at work. Will need to more carefully and responsibly treat money. Start to keep records of spending, if you didn’t do it earlier. This will save a lot of money for those of you who buy a lot and not think about the consequences. This does not mean you have to limit yourself — no. You just need to see all expenses and to control costs.

The more you will save in 2018, the more successful will be for you to 2019. The economy does not imply renunciation of pleasure and the gifts themselves. Savings — is to buy only what you need at reasonable prices. Just be more attentive to the price tags.

2018 will require you to complete dedication. This is a great time for job search of your dreams, for new commitments. Perhaps you will be a lot to demand, but be patient. Those of you who will be able to learn extract, can get all the credit.

In addition, you universe will require dedication. This commitment must come from the heart and not be squeezed out of it by force. Do not betray those who love, who work together. In love, it will be important to learn to tell the truth, otherwise all the lies can suddenly become like ice water from the overturned basin on your head.

In 2018 many will be able to find love. If fate decides that it’s time, it will give you your man. It’s a great bonding time with the people you once experienced together. For example, it will be a great year for weddings, if you managed at least some time to live together.

This is the year of wisdom. This time, its accumulation and use for their own purposes. Try not to reject the intuition, but not to listen to the voice of my heart too often. Your best friend is just common sense. Think more, less rely on feelings in 2018. Emotions will lead you to failure in love, work and money. Impulsive people in the earth Dog year, you should not rely on that everything will be as you want.

Luck will be with those who first thinks and then does something. It will be a great year to gain new skills and strengthening existing ones. You can succeed in school in 2018. Yellow Dog is good for memory and motivation on your spiritual quest. The main thing — not to throw something that you start.

Overall, this year promises to be calm, but not so much that you can just relax and go with the flow. Change lives for the better through the development of habits of constructive, not destructive. This year is the best fit in order to quit Smoking, start to exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle.