20 little-known facts about rocky

20 little-known facts about rocky

Actor, Director, screenwriter, producer, and iconic figure of the world movie — Sylvester Stallone has long been a symbol of the militants and role model to many fans. Remember one of his most iconic films — “rocky” which won three awards “Oscar”.

1. The script for “rocky” Sylvester Stallone wrote his own for three and a half days. In 1975, the actor turned 29, and the birthday he had in his pocket was only $ 106. He lived in a shabby apartment in Los Angeles, his wife Sasha was pregnant and bullmastiff, Butkis, then sly will take two films were starving.

2. To make ends meet, Stallone even sold Badisa family, where it could feed. Six months later the actor came back for the dog and persuaded the new owners to give him to the shooting.

3. In the credits, the dog is called, Butkis Stallone. But his name bullmastiff was in honor of dick Butkis, one of the most ferocious players in history. At the time of the shooting the dog was six years old.

4. A script for the Sylvester Stallone took because he was disappointed in search of a normal role. For thirty years, he played in a failed romance “Lords of Flatbush”, in the drama “Capone” and in the Thriller “death race 2000”.

5. The mother of Stallone, who’s into astrology, had predicted to his son that his first success he will achieve in the scenario field.

6. Before Sylvester came up with the idea of “rocky”, he managed to sell a few scripts for television.

7. It is known that the inspiration for “rocky” was the fight of Muhammad Ali and an unknown boxer Chuck Wepner. But few people know that Stallone watched that match in a movie theater.

8. Sly thought about the film a month, then 10 months, I cherished the idea. And one day, waking up at six in the morning, Stallone took the pen and paper and began to text. Then his wife was reprinted in the script on the machine.

9. “Rocky” had three versions of the script. In the first Stallone outlined the skeleton of the plot, and then began to hang on him the caruncle in the form of dialogues, humour and the characteristics of the characters.

10. Hollywood really wanted to see star in the lead role, but Stallone was totally against, since I wrote the text for themselves. He told his wife: “I will bury scenario we have in the garden and let the caterpillars play rocky.

11. When in the 1970s, Sylvester Stallone was told that rocky was shot in 28 days, he added that the maturation time of larvae water bug.

12. Sylvester Stallone has never boxed professionally. Before the filming of “rocky,” he started training six days a week and spent five months in grueling training. He would get up at dawn, ran about eight miles along the shore, boxed and went to the gym. His daily meals consisted of 113 tablets of vitamins.

13. When Stallone first came on the set of “rocky”, he was asked if he was ready. “I — no, but rocky is ready,” — said the actor.

14. The choreography of the final battle was headed by Director John G. Avildsen. He painted every stroke. According to Stallone, the script was 14 pages of text with the words “right hook” and “left hook”.

15. Worn grey sweatshirt, in which we see rocky in the finals, lived up to our days. It is in the personal collection of Sylvester Stallone. The actor promised to pass it on to the Smithsonian Museum.

16. The people of Philadelphia always laugh when I look at the stage run of the rocky past attractions. In reality, rocky would never be able to overcome the 32 kilometers in a few minutes.

17. Talia Shire, who played Adrian, rocky’s beloved, during the filming of a scene of the first kiss with Stallone was sick with the flu. She was afraid to infect the actor and shied away from him. The scene turned out fine, but eventually sly got the flu shot and the next scene (training hall Mickey) with temperature.

18. Despite the fact that during the film’s release, many believed that Stallone is a fan of actors like Marlon Brando and al Pacino, he admitted that his idol is Peter O’toole. “Brando and Pacino are very serious. I respect them, but I love Peter O’toole. He is very uninhibited. I think he may be chasing after girls on the Playground, but when the cameras start rolling, it instantly turns on the actor’s power”.

19. Stallone has compared himself to rocky. In an interview with The New York Times in 1976, the actor said: “After the release of the film familiar, which for many years did not tell me anything good, began to come to me and say: “Man, you’re good.” And I want to answer them: “where were you when I was at the Vomit and tried not to die from various diseases?”

20. After the release of “rocky” Sylvester Stallone was going to play Superman in the film with Marlon Brando and Gene Hackman. He wanted to star in a biography of Edgar Allan PoE, but to show the writer’s a cool guy. In his scenario plans were Western Sinsilver of the Orthodox Jew, caught up in the Wild West. As sly said, the picture will be based on a new interpretation of “the Communist Manifesto”.


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