12-year-old hunter came as a shock to users of the Network

Arianna Gardin. The so-called twelve year old girl ready to devour more than half of Internet users that in their twelve years was sent to the light a lot of exotic animals.

On his page in the social network of Arianna shows off that goes on Safari with his father Elie Gordina. Moreover, he publishes photos of those she has killed animals. So, judging by the photos on her page (she has managed to remove her from public attacks), she’s already killed a giraffe, bear, Zebra, Buffalo and many other poor animals.

The hunt for a giraffe she called “a hunt of their dreams.”

“Trophy hunting is good for endangered species. People find this hard to believe, especially in connection with the recent events, but actually hunting for endangered species is one of the few things that can help them today,” wrote Arianna, saying that the money spent on licenses, go to the fight for the preservation of wildlife. Killing an animal is sponsoring his rescue, Carl.

In General, the justification Arianna users are not appreciated, and not inspired them. Will have twelve-year-old teenager, photos of which have already bypassed the whole world, to look for another justification for killing for fun.


Source: http://radaronline.com
Photo: http://radaronline.com

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