10 words that are useful to talk in front of a mirror: attract love and good luck

Since ancient times mirrors attributed special properties. Every day we come to the mirror in a different mood. To attract love and fortune, it is important to know what words to say in front of a mirror.

Since ancient times people attributed the mirror and the reflection in it of unexplained properties. Mirror is associated with many ancient legends. It also appears in many folk beliefs. In the end, this powerful energy is a subject everyone in the house and interacts with humans on a daily basis.

There are words that in no event it is impossible to speak in front of a mirror. After all, words and phrases, uttered by you when you look at your reflection, should carry a positive Outlook and belief in the best. All examples of words that the experts of the website dailyhoro.ru gathered in this article, are sort of the basics, components of happiness. Believing in this, you will be surprised how it will change your life.

10 words that will make you love yourself

Of course, the most important rule — you should never berate yourself in the reflection and not to eat in front of the mirror, the words that carry negativity. Even if you don’t like something in yourself or in your life, forget about it, look at your reflection and confidently and loudly say the phrase, which must contain the following words:


How can you use these words, looking at his reflection in the mirror? The words should be pronounced, looking at himself. These affirmations are a kind of creative visualization, which can be used to bring to life all that you want.

Beauty. Everyone wants to be beautiful and happy. But often, looking at myself in the mirror, you begin to see the faults — even those that others do not give value to. To love yourself, do not have to experiment with your appearance — it is sufficient to accept its natural beauty. Try to say:

“I am the most beautiful” or “I am beautiful and magnificent”.

Believe me, even such a short phrase, spoken loudly and confidently, will be able to materialize. And after a while you will feel beautiful. And small flaws in appearance will be your distinctive feature, gives you charm.

Health. Good health is important for everyone. And the desire to be healthy is peculiar to each. Repeat in front of a mirror:

“I feel very good”.

Soon you will notice that minor ailments have ceased to bother you, but doctor visits will be rare.

Happiness. Of course, the concept of “happiness” for each person individually. For someone happiness is love, for someone — wealth, and for someone- the fulfillment of a cherished desire. Stand in front of the mirror and list all the things that you need to be happy. And most importantly — know how much your desire, so that you are closer to his execution.

Love. Certainly, love is a necessary element of happiness, be it love for family, friends or love to your chosen one. Someone suffering from unrequited love, others are in search of their man. Looking at your reflection, say:

“I want to love and be loved”.

Be sure that after some time you will find your mutual love.

Joy. No matter how it sounded, but many people in my life is lacking joy. Bad mood, apathy, failure at work and in your personal life kill the mood, and with it joy.

“I enjoy every moment in my life.”

Over time, you will cease to torment a constant struggle with emotions and joyful moments in life will be much more.

Mind. If you think that you do not have sufficient knowledge of your colleagues and friends, or once you are unable to keep up the conversation, do not burn yourself to the list of stupid people. Tell your reflection:

“My mental abilities are better than others.”

Daily convince yourself, but do not forget to develop.

Wealth. The desire to live richly and in what does not deny, already for anybody is not shameful. Sometimes it is human nature to want what he can’t afford it. It was at this point he thinks about his financial situation and his improvement. To do this, still standing before the mirror, repeat:

“I want to make a lot of money,” or alternatively, “I want to make good money”.

The repetition of this idea and the effort will help you achieve financial stability.

Cheerfulness. Probably few of us gets up in the morning with the words “I love my life and I was happy with everything”. But if every day you will utter this simple phrase in front of the mirror soon you will feel the love and a different attitude to my life.

Power. Very often people feel powerless in relation to the external issues and internal emotions. Tell yourself:

“I fear nothing”.

You will feel energized and will be able to overcome their fears. And detractors will be able to get you back.

Achievement. The objectives should be achieved. But sometimes no particular idea about how to do it. Do not be upset and give up. Tell me in front of the mirror:

“I will accomplish all of your goals. I’m not afraid of any obstacles”.

Focus on your goals and soon they will come to life.

Mirrors have particular energetic properties. 10 words, which were discussed in this article are merely a prop. Do not forget that standing in front of a mirror, you are not talking with him and with ourselves. So do not be afraid and to deceive themselves. Be confident in your words and speak from the heart. Follow our tips