10 words and thoughts that will attract to you good luck

The words spoken to us, have a special power. Depending on meaning and tone said a person can attract into your life luck and trouble. To problems passed you by, you must monitor your speech and thoughts.

Since ancient times people have attached great importance to the spoken word. Indeed, in a fit of anger or anger at a person could “jinx” of the opponent or to bring trouble on himself and his family. So, frequent use of negative particles will separate you from the goal and a positive attitude and faith in their own strength will help to achieve the desired result. Words are projecting our attitude to life, and the more positive will be colored our expressions, the more successful will be the life.

Words that attract good luck simple. Pronounces them as often as possible, even mentally, and then you will be able to avoid failures and troubles:


Phrases that will help you to find peace of mind, to tune in to win and deal with all problems, it is possible to say, looking at his reflection. Mirror, this mystical object shrouded in many mysteries that can reflect the vibration of the voice. Resorting to such a simple exercise, you will never miss fortune.

1. “I’m beautiful”

There are shortcomings in every person, but if you are constantly thinking that you have something wrong with your looks, nothing good will come of it. Many of the shortcomings are a reflection of our thoughts and told other people words, therefore to dwell on them is not necessary. Thoughts are material, and if you’ll believe in your beauty, your minor flaws will fade, and you will be able to feel a surge of strength.

2. “I feel fine”

Health is an important condition for a happy life. Daily say that you have a wonderful feeling, and soon you will be able to get rid of minor ailments. The power of thought and words spoken to you in confidence, will help you start the recovery mechanism, and adding to this the correct way of life and physical activity, you will be able to strengthen the immune system.

3. “I’m happy”

Happiness individually for each person, so you can feel free to talk about what you would like to achieve from life. Don’t be afraid to make wishes, to talk about what you have achieved. Don’t give up, and you will definitely manage to make the dream a reality. List all the things you are missing for a complete happiness and a comfortable life, and you will be able to make a clear plan of action. It will help you to move forward.

4. “I loved, want to love or love”

Love moves the world, so important for each person to love and be loved. Allow yourself to love and not worry if in your life yet, who would you have been able to admit feelings. Remember that the power of thought you can attract into your life all that you need. To attract love using proven harmless conspiracy, and also resorted to the practice of meditation. Tune to win, and before you open any door.

5. “It gives me great happiness and joy”

A positive attitude is important, and without it would be difficult to cope with life’s difficulties. Often say those words to get your day started with a smile. Contact a positive attitudes and always optimistic about in your future. This will help you not to stay if you are on the road will encounter small troubles or problems.

6. “I’m smart”

The thirst for knowledge and desire to learn new things does not allow people to rest on our laurels. Developing, we can afford to choose something to do, find a way out of a difficult situation, qualify for a good position with high wages. Never say to yourself “stupid, narrow-minded”. Using the lines on the palm you will be able to define your mindset and develop, based on inherent in the data.

7. “I’m rich, I want to earn more, I deserve better”

Don’t focus on the money, but do not neglect them. Money has a special power, and think they need with respect. Don’t tell yourself that you don’t have enough finances, strive to set goals, plan, and soon you will be able to materialize thoughts, starting a real movement to financial independence.

8. “I’m a cheerful person”

If you will constantly remind yourself that life consists of many enjoyable events, you will be able to get rid of negative thinking, which often causes people to abandon their goals. A cheerful attitude will help you to feel a different attitude to life, to see the world in bright colors.

9. “I’m strong”

It is not about physical but about spiritual power. If you change your attitude towards troubles, they will not be able to break your will. Do not fall for provocations and not go on about those who use your kindness and desire to help. Often say the phrase “I fear nothing”, and many of the fears and excitement of retreat, the mind becomes clearer. So you can focus on the home and attract good fortune.

10. “I can, I will achieve it”

Do not stop half-way to pursuing your goals. If you repeat that I will be able to overcome the next obstacle, you will set yourself up for victory. Do not refuse the reward that awaits at the end, and you will become a successful person.

Any person able to cope with many obstacles in life. But if you look at the world with a smile, in the morning charged with optimism, and many troubles will recede. To be successful, it is important to take care of their own health, strengthen the aura and replenish your vitality.