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Modern artists have to be slim to keep the attention of the public, especially if we are talking about a female artist. Metamorphosis Nastya Kamensky was impossible not to notice. From time to time she gave myself a weakness, and immediately gained weight, and after some time reappeared in a beautiful form. As recognized by the actress, she had a serious problem with overeating.

29-year-old singer has set a goal to lose weight. Now Kamensky often involved in sports marathons and urged that his many fans. In addition, She has a blog, which talked about psychological problems. She told that very often could not stop in time during meals and overeat.

“I certainly satisfied myself, I felt better when I had something to eat. At some point you just can’t control myself. I needed psychological help, came to therapy with the question why am I a glutton. It turns out that person really need to at least someone listened. I have a very changed life after I began to understand itself” — said Kamensky.

Source: http://ivona.bigmir.net
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