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A few hours ago in Manchester, UK, is a charity concert One Love Manchester, dedicated to those who died during the terrorist attack on may 22 at the Manchester Arena. Initiated the concert of Ariana Grande, in the speech which the tragedy occurred, which killed 22 people, and about 60 were injured. The girl was not afraid to go back to Manchester, and even brought his vociferous people.

A good goal supported Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Robbie Williams, Pharrell Williams, Coldplay and many, many others. They came on the scene, Emirates Old Trafford in front of 50 thousand spectators sang along with them.

Grande spoke first and thanked the audience for what they were not afraid to come to her concert and to support the families of those who were killed or suffered from the explosion of a suicide bomber.
By the way, while everyone was getting ready for a gig at the Emirates Old Trafford, in London, there have been two terrorist attack, but none of the celebrities were not afraid to come out to the audience. The public is worried that the looming threat of a terrorist attack could undermine the attempts of the organizers, however, celebrity was determined and was not timid.
Each of the performers not only sang, but spoke to the audience, thanked and encouraged, paying tribute to the victims of terrorism. Robbie Williams, for example, got very emotional during a performance of his hit “Angels” that couldn’t even finish singing a song, asking the audience to support him. Some songs by changing words. So, during the performance of “Let Me Entertain You,” he sang: “We are Manchester and we don’t afraid!”, what caused the rapid approval of sobravshihsya.

It is reported that the concert managed to raise over thirteen million dollars that will go to the Fund We Love Manchester and there will already be distributed among the families of the victims and the victims.

Source: http://metro.co.uk
Photo: https://youtu.be, http://metro.co.uk

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