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Leonardo DiCaprio has refused to play in the TV series “Baywatch”

Find out why Leonardo DiCaprio refused the role.

Winner of the award “Oscar” Leonardo DiCaprio as no one else knows what is defeat. Just think how many nominations he went to to get this statuette. However, Leonardo DiCaprio played the role for which he was awarded the award.

It turned out that his failure had pursued from the beginning. For example, Leonardo DiCaprio wanted the role in the popular TV series “Baywatch”. I could, but not received. According to NME, at the time when the series was very popular, the 15-year-old Leo auditioned for the role of son, Mitch, a character in David Hasselhoff.

Producer Michael Burke noted that DiCaprio had all the chances to get the role, but Hasselhoff was against it. His decision he argued that Leo looks too old and it will therefore age of David.

Place Leo took nine-year-old Jeremy Jackson, who played later in the TV series “Santa Barbara”. Despite this, Leo was able to achieve success and our goals. His example proves that even if there are failures, you should not give up.


Source and photo: tochka.net